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Scent your home with our collection of Bobella Co wax melts. 


A clean, invigorating aroma with subtle notes of green tea and spicy, pungent notes of ginger blended with lemongrass. Enjoy the opportunity to energise your space with this unique and soothing fusion of aromas.


  • Top notes: Green Tea
  • Heart notes: Lemongrass
  • Base notes: Ginger


6 star shaped wax melts packed into a printed eco friendly packet.


Bobella Co Fresh Ginger and Green Tea Wax Melts

  • These soy wax melts can be used in any traditional oil burner/warmer. Please note however that these are not suitable for use in electric diffusers that release steam. All packaging is plastic free and can be placed in your household recycling. 

    Burn Time: 6-10 hours per 2 melts

    Ingredients: Soy Wax, Perfume Oils, Dried Botanicals.

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